About us:

Swvl is the leading technology company in the mass transportation market. We are a fast-growing data-driven company which is disrupting the public transportation market in multiple continents making people’s lives better on a daily basis in countries such as Egypt, Kenya and Pakistan. Swvl is a revolutionary idea that was born from passion, loyalty, and persistence to face all challenges on the table, Swvl is not just a means to facilitate commuting, but a hunger to strive for solutions, encourage the contribution of youth in innovation and inspire change. Swvl has a positive, diverse, and supportive culture - we look for people who are curious, inventive, and work to be a little better every single day

Role Responsibilities:

  • Support outreach to federal and provincial government officials and communicate effectively with them on Swvl’s business plans and initiatives as well as issues and support needed.
  • Engage and liaise with stakeholders in the federal and provincial governments (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of IT, Ministry of Finance and State Bank etc.) who directly and indirectly impact Swvl’s ride hailing, delivery, and payments verticals.
  • Track and mitigate risks arising from regulatory and policy changes at the federal, provincial, and local levels.
  • Engage with academia, civil society, NGOs, and intellectuals who are active in the public policy arena.
  • Maintain records of meetings with government and other stakeholders
  • Support collaboration with industry players to develop overlapping positions to advocate with the government to create a favorable regulatory framework.
  • Advise senior business leaders with insights on the political and regulatory environments across Pakistan and what they mean for Swvl.
  • Maintain mapping of stakeholders at the federal, provincial, and local level and updating value at stake matrix.

Role Requirements:

  • 5+ years of relevant experience in the relevant field.
  • Knowledge of the legislative and regulatory processes in Pakistan and a nuanced understanding of the formal and informal influence channels.
  • Comfort with starting from positions of regulatory uncertainty.
  • A diverse range of backgrounds could be the foundation for success in this role including having worked in public policy, the Governments, public affairs or relations, regulated environments, management consulting, or law.
  • Energetic and tenacious self-starter with an inner drive to proactively engage and follow up relentlessly to drive impact rather than output.